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One day she decided to drop in his office to get to know him better.

Rachel shrugged off the fur coat so that Dean could see all that she had to offer him.Both of them agreed that it would not do for them to be interrupted by a call from his wife. Rachel sucked Dean's cock with all the skill and sensuality she could muster. Getting on to her back, she spread her legs and invited Dean to eat her out. He made Rachel moan with all his licking, and lapping and finger-fucking of her hungry pussy. Inside're the only one how mommy let cum inside her wet..pussy! She decides to come clean, she's been fucking your son when you're not around and decides to let you watch while he fucks her.On the heels of this came some intense missionary-style action. Carmen calls him over and doesn't tell him who's on the other side of the cam.She confessed that she thought he was an ass, but Dean preferred to make no comment.The young partner was still reluctant to put himself in a compromising position. She told Dean that that there was a TV frame in her room that also needed fixing. While he was at work, Rachel headed off to her closet to slip into something more comfortable. She twirled and showed it off to Dean - who was very impressed.

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