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Another interesting architectural element is the 100 foot tall clock tower which also functions as a water tower.

The beautiful feature was added to the house in 1861 and is still fully functioning today.

For the past few years a restoration project has been underway that will continue until the end of the spring and the task of bringing this staircase back to its former glory has just been completed.

It was fantastic to see the main restaurant in the light of day, with the stunning chandeliers, mirrored panels and gold leaf columns.

Having grown up in the home counties, I have a strong sense of nostalgia for this part of the world and it was amazing to wake up and see the place I called home rolling in the distance. Sadly we didn’t have much time to linger together as Mr S had to get away for work so we headed down the beautiful wooden staircase and back to the André Garrett restaurant for breakfast.

Dating back to 1666, Cliveden House is actually owned by the National Trust and leased as a hotel.

Actually William Astor bought in the panelling from Paris and used the room as his main dining room, and today the stunning space is used for private events at the house.

The former library is now the resident’s bar where Mr S and I enjoyed some fab cocktails the night before, I admire the cedarwood panelling which led Lady Astor to nickname the room ‘The Cigar Box.’ Another frequent visitor to the house was Winston Churchill and I can just imagine the great former Prime Minister lighting up a cigar and enjoying a glass of his favourite champagne here.

One of my favourite rooms was the elegant French dining room, I loved the timeless duck egg blue walls and the beautiful gold leaf etching.There is history everywhere you look around this grand entrance with original portraits, suits of armour and large hanging tapestries.To go right back to the beginning the house was built on the estate in 1666 by George Villiers, the 2nd Duke of Buckingham, as a hunting lodge where he hosted his mistresses and friends.And now to explore that beautiful garden that I’d admired from our terrace in the Lady Astor Suite…Heading down a woodland path, the glorious garden lay right in front of me.

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