What does xm updating mean

This guide is intended for users who cannot connect their Grace Digital Internet Radio to the Sirius XM service.

The common error is the radio will display 'change password or username' after the user types in their Sirius user name and password in the Grace Digital Internet radio.

If your radio is still not playing audio, unplug the wire from the “line out” plug on the radio and plug in a set of headphones.

If you hear your background music through the headphones, the problem is with the amplifier or speakers.

Make sure the mini jack is fully plugged into the radio (this is a common problem).Verify that your Sirius XM subscription package includes ‘Internet Radio ’ this is an add on to your general subscription.Just because you can listen on your computer, tablet or smart phone does not necessarily mean you have the correct subscription.If you have changed your Sirius XM user name or password with Sirius XM please make sure you update your radio with the new Sirius XM username and/or password.Internet radio service on your Grace radio please contact us at 866-446-0961 or open a trouble ticket.

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