What to do when dating a married man

Dating married man is not something any of us want to do.We know it’s wrong and harmful, but we can’t always help how we feel. We can never control how we feel about someone – no matter if they’re married or not.If you only want to hook up with someone and have a joy ride, don’t do so with a married man.The chance of ruining his marriage isn’t’ worth your loneliness. You may think it’s terrible based on the fact that he’s out with you, but the truth is, many men have it great at home and love their wife, they’re just out looking for fun.

That said, in my professional, anecdotal experience, however, I will quote the words of one such client of mine that addresses an essential reason behind these women’s choices of dating and having affairs with only married men:‘When I’m with a married man, I experience his intense desire for me and the excitement and thrills of a secret, romantic relationship while never having to deal with all the downsides, drudgery, boredom and responsibilities of being in a marriage with him that his wife has to suffer.

Our feelings don’t just get turned off the second we realize they have a ring. If you find yourself in the midst of dating a married man, there are different things you should make sure you’re doing to ensure that you really want to go on loving this man. It can get really complicated, messy, and your feelings could get destroyed in the process.

If you still want to move forward with dating a married man, this is everything you should know.

If you wonder what kind of woman goes after another woman’s husband, you are not alone.

Why is it that some women are attracted to married men while others strictly only go after men who are single and fully available?

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