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"I'm really upset that there's been so much injury.I think it's because the standards have been so much higher, so the professionals have really pushed them." One of her early favourites, the long jumper Jade Johnson, had to drop out injured last month.

For all that Bussell represents the epitome of many girls' dreams – who hasn't wished at some point they too could dance?

For Bussell, the range represents the first step towards what she'd most like to do next: costume design.

She hopes that her new position on the board of the Sydney Dance Company will give her the opportunity to do just that, although they haven't asked her yet.

"I don't want our daughters to look at us in 10 years' time and say, 'What did you do? We obviously want to enjoy the good things in life, but it's just about keeping it in perspective." Bussell will be hoping people don't cut back on consuming her latest retirement project: a range of girls' dancewear.

' My only problem is making sure that we do something. The star-sequined tutus, ballet shoes, leotards and princess crowns would not rank on many people's must-haves, although try telling that to a ballet-crazed seven year old.

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