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Subject: The Begent Clan From Terry Begent Hello Simon Nice to see your web page and to read your history of both your family tree and the Begent name.

Our part of the family has never actually drawn up a family tree although one of my brothers did try to track things down a bit.

The first is that the lace-maker came over from the Belgian town of Ghent (famous for its lace work) and that the name started out as De Ghent i.e. Over time this has become corrupted, firstly to Degent and secondly to Begent.

The second theory is not too far removed from the first in that the name came to this country with the Heugenots.

There are also three Prophets of Allah missing from the database sometimes equated with the last three Judaic prophets just mentioned, resp. Regards Jan and Andy Begent Subject: BEGENT FAMILY IN AUSTRALIA From Meg Daly Just to let you know that I am descended from the said Eli Begent who was transported to Tasmania (Van Diemens Land) in 1811. It is interesting to read all about the family and where the name originated.My Father was Jack Begent and I have a sister Judy Begent. Thanks Meg Daly (nee Begent) Subject: BEGENT FAMILY IN AUSTRALIA From Meg Dal Dear Simon Thanks for your message.A couple of weeks ago a friend told me that the Heugenot Society kept a detailed history of the people who came over and suggested that I should contact them for further information.While searching the web myself, I have found Begents in America and a couple of quite famous ones over here, but the most intriguing one, and also the earliest, is the one at might be worth a visit.

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