Who is teedra moses dating

While the music industry has evolved into a weird amalgamation where pop, R&B and dance often blend into one, some artists are staying true to their roots, and continue to push the R&B culture forward in an ever-evolving climate where what is hot one week could not be next.

“My energy is very strong when I perform and it shoots out at you and so things can move very quickly.

“I have a strong base in my spirituality and I understand that I’m not completely in control,” says Moses.

“I think that can play a role in a lot of issues, from depression to anxiety because we try to control what is not in our will.

The Californian songstress who shot to fame with the critically-acclaimed album Complex Simplicity, has maintained a level of respect and a loyal fan base that allows her to continuously tour the world, playing intimate venues and providing the ultimate R&B experience – which is hard to come by.

After 12 years in the industry, a new album and upcoming shows in 2017, Moses reiterates the importance of stability, spirituality and maintaining your overall wellbeing in the cutthroat music industry.

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