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Since 1990, the actual city in which Mickey lives is typically called Mouseton, and is often depicted as the city next to Duckburg, the city in which Donald Duck lives (see Donald Duck universe).According to traditional continuity, both cities are located in the fictional U. state of Calisota – analogous to Northern California.In Plane Crazy (1929), the first produced Mickey Mouse story, Mickey is seen at a farm.

Real-world versions also exist in Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, called Mickey's Toontown.

This understanding of the characters leading separate lives was welcomed by Walt Disney who, when asked whether or not Mickey and Minnie were married, replied that the mice were indeed married in their "private li[ves]", but that they sometimes appear as boyfriend/girlfriend for "screen purposes." Also, in the World War II propaganda film The New Spirit (1942), Donald Duck fills out his income tax and lists his occupation as "actor," and the film The Three Muskateers (2004) includes a DVD bonus feature of the characters reminiscing on their experience filming the movie.

Animation historian David Gerstein has noted that although the characters will appear in different settings and sometimes even change their names (Mickey's Christmas Carol), the characters are still themselves and behave in a way consistent with their natures.

Mickey's city was unnamed until 1932, when the comic story The Great Orphanage Robbery identified it as Silo Center.

But the first consistent name for Mickey's city came in 1950s Italy, where it was called Topolinia (from Topolino or 'little mouse,' Mickey's Italian name).

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