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I gave my husband his birthday gift and he gave me an even greater gift. This had nothing to do with unhappiness with you.''Let's finish this in bed. I simply have sex - never lovemaking – with other men and tell him about it as a prelude to the most fantastic lovemaking with my husband. His desire to share me with other men has led to a deeper, warmer, more complete and contented marriage. I resisted sex when I felt the children might wonder what we were doing.

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I also came to understand that it is a compliment to his feelings about how desirable I am.I came to realize that swapping tales with Kyle was important for my husband's enjoyment of my trysts. More than once, when I haven't been on a date for a while, my husband has mentioned that he needs some new "material" to share with Kyle. Can you understand how exciting that is for a woman? I liked going out, even to church, knowing that I was wearing such provocative undies. My husband suggested that I pick one of our friends.A couple have paid me attention, even more attention since I started wearing shorter skirts and revealing blouses, but I could not cheat on their wives, who are also my friends. We had agreed that the first meeting would be just to talk and get to know each other.

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