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Master Card pulled out the following day, with a statement that said “Master Card has rules that prohibit our cards from being used for illegal or brand-damaging activities.” Visa followed suit a day later, with a statement saying “Visa’s rules prohibit our network from being used for illegal activity.” In fact, their actions went far beyond the reach of law.

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Naughty Banter is a review site focusing on the best adult cam sites.Not to be deterred by small things like the Constitution, Dart decided to attempt an outside the box tactic.He wrote letters to the top executives of Visa and Master Card, asking them to suspend payment processing to Backpage for “moral, social and legal reasons…to help protect vulnerable and victimized women and children.” This tactic worked, faster than even Dart could have dared to dream.It’s not a coincidence that Backpage got targeted first, but it would be a mistake for more privileged workers to assume that they aren’t up next.Real solidarity is needed, especially from those at the higher end to those at the lower ones.

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