Wowhead glyph of intimidating shout

The Alliance Stag has worgen fangs, nelf/worgen ears, and nelf necklaces. One of my favorite things about playing druid was travel form as a cheetah.I get why they put in Stag form (so someone else could ride you) but it should have been the glyph instead of making cheetah into the glyph and breaking things. That's the point that I'm trying to make.It's not a matter of whether it makes sense or not, they can't go back and pretend that it wasn't the form for 8 years.That's like driving a Jeep for the better part of a decade and then trying to convince people you were actually driving a station wagon.An incomplete/placeholder thing that's left in the game for an extended amount of time doesn't equate to a complete thought or a design.

In order for your argument to make sense, they would have needed to make those portals actually go somewhere and then go back and change where they went to something completely different.Blizzard has a history of defying that expectation.With better access to the wayback machine and searches of their 'in development' section, I'm absolutely confident we can demonstrate things that took many, many years to come to fruition.This would be like a basketball player playing baseball for the better part of a decade while not playing basketball.They can claim they are a basketball player all they want but their actions speak louder than words and they are now a baseball player.

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