Wsus not updating all clients

Until recently, the instructions for remediating an environment without KB 309511 were not available.A few different methods of fixing this problem exist.Re-enable the Upgrades classification on your top WSUS server by using the GUI or the following Power Shell command: With that, your environment should be fully compliant and able to deploy the latest Windows 10 upgrade!

wsus not updating all clients-74

Although you should do most steps in Power Shell, you can do some from the GUI if you prefer.As a precaution, reboot the WSUS server after applying this update.We are back to a supported WSUS state now, and the environment is ready to handle the new format for upgrades.Joseph Moody is a network admin for a public school system and helps manage 5,500 PCs.He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) in Cloud and Datacenter Management and blogs at Deploy

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