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Compiling for ARMv6 and ARM64 is useful in only a subset of normal situations.

If you've made it this far and you do not have a particular reason to retain ARMv6 support, please see the above section.

Download bootstrap.h and rocketbootstrap.h from https://github.com/rpetrich/Rocket Bootstrap/tree/master You will also need to copy `librocketbootstrap.dylib` from `/usr/lib` on your i Device to `$THEOS/lib` and link against it in your Makefile: If you want to run a server inside a daemon, then you still need a simple Spring Board tweak, that just has to call bootstrap_unlock with the service name (take the code from the rocket bootstrap header and include bootstrap.h).

Then you can run a server with the same name inside your daemon.

Starting July 2018, all i OS app updates submitted to the App Store must be built with the i OS 11 SDK and must support the Super Retina display of i Phone X.

Customers can provide ratings and reviews on the App Store to give feedback on their user experience and help others decide which apps to try.

this happened last as recently as i OS 5, and all of rpetrich's extensions had to be recompiled and redeployed, which is reasonably fine for him as he's insanely productive and around constantly, but for most people you should please just use the centralized implementation.) To use Substrate for hooking, either add this add the top of your Logos source file (e.g., Tweak.xm) Using Darling, Apple's official toolchain is able to be used on Linux.

Once connected, you'll see your device listed in the i Phone Explorer window. (For Evernote, for example, you would look for the folder.) For an i Phone 3GS or earlier, scroll down until you see a file called I found also i Pad icons named Icon-i Pad.png, Icon-72.png, and icon-70

This is an informal collection of advice; feel free to add to it and rearrange.

A lot of this is from #theos on irc.- if you're working on updating your tweaks and you use Theos, join in and share what you've learned (see IRC).

Setup rpetrich’s theos: rpetrich's theos is using objc's hooking method instead of Mobile Substrate therefore it doesn't link with MS by default.

This is OK if you are only hooking objc messages, but if you need to use MSHook Function, you have to tell theos to link to lib substrate: (note from saurik: I highly disrecommend not using Substrate's MSHook Message implementation; I never understood why rpetrich doesn't use it, but on multiple occasions the way we hook messages has had to change, and centralizing it in Substrate means that I can fix it once for everyone's compiled extensions...

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